"The process of starting a new business can be quite overwhelming, especially for someone with no prior business training or experience. Luckily I was able to work with Lindsey during the formation of my LLC. She clearly explained the financial and legal ramifications associated with different business entities, allowing me to devise a personalized business plan that provided maximal asset protection. Her expertise and professionalism allowed me to focus on building clientele and getting my business off the ground."

- Dave, Ithaca, NY

"I had no intention of creating an estate plan. I am a simple man with one concern... taking care of my family. I had a basic will, and didn't see the need to complicate matters. However, Lindsey explained how and why my beneficiaries would save time and money with regards to legal costs, paper work, and tax saving benefits if I had a living trust. It made sense, and she was very easy to work with. She handled all the paper work, and walked me through every decision that needed to be made, even with regards to my dog. It’s nice to know that my kids will benefit from my assets without having to pay excessive costs to the government. Everyone should have the pleasure of working with a patient and understanding estate attorney such as Lindsey."

- Brad

"There’s a misconception that estate planning, and especially the creation of a trust, is just for the rich, but really it’s for everyone. Lindsey Markus was able to explain all my options in terms of estate planning in a clear and understandable way. She drew up a Trust at a very reasonable cost that will ensure that my family will be provided for as intended, with the additional benefit of avoiding probate. Since the Trust was written I have continued to receive prompt, courteous and knowledgeable attention from Ms. Markus whenever I have questions or issues."

- Susan, New York, NY

"I am very pleased with my Trust and Will that you prepared for me. While my daughter and I sat with you to prepare the documents, all our questions were answered in layman's terms so that we could understand the importance of having the documents finalized. Thanks again. I will certainly let others know about your service."

- Carol, Venice Beach, FL

"I am a stay at home mom with 2 small boys and naturally my top concern is family. I suddenly realized my family was unprepared in the event something should happen to us. Lindsey really explained in detail how to best protect our family, our assets all the while minimizing the amount of money the government would be taking from our family. She took us through step by step so we could really understand and grasp how we were going to be protected. She handled everything for us from the paperwork to the execution of our estate and wills. It was such a pleasure working with Lindsey, she is extremely professional, efficient and most of all caring. I am so relieved to know our assets are in order and that our children are going to benefit from her expertise!"

- Jolie

"After the complexities of divorce, entering into a second marriage can be a struggle. I wanted to provide for my children and to protect my assets and knew that I needed a prenuptial agreement. Lindsey took care of the details and handled everything with tremendous sensitivity. I was very pleased with her work and professionalism. However, perhaps most telling is the fact that Lindsey impressed and gained the respect of my wife during difficult negotiations."

- Anonymous

"Although none of my children are married, I felt it was my responsibility to protect my children in case their future marriages did not work. I am thrilled that Lindsey encouraged me to set up Children's Trust before any of my children were married to avoid any future conflict or misunderstanding. She is wise beyond her years and addresses complex family issues with tremendous sensitivity."

- Jessica

"I have property that I wanted to pass to my kids. Lindsey helped me structure a family limited partnership to transfer the property to my children over time. The FLP has allowed me to give 25% more on annual basis than I otherwise would have been able to. In addition, if I die tomorrow, just by having this in place, my heirs can take a discount on the value of this property and save a lot in taxes."

- Peter J.

"After Lindsey set up an asset protection structure for me I took my first vacation in more than 10 years."
- Anonymous

"Lindsey's presentation of our options was so clear, that for the first time I was able to really understand how to best guard our assets for each other and our children. With her help, I finally feel that our estate is in order, and our family will be protected."
- Matt & Abby

"We had both been working very hard for many years so that our future would be intact. Despite our years of education and financial management experience, the intricacies of long term estate planning were very foreign to us. Lindsey graciously spent time to understand all of our desires for each other and our children. She swiftly and concisely educated us on how to utilize the legal options available so that our family would be safe and cared for in years to come. Lindsey is creative, insightful, personable and trustworthy. It was a real pleasure working with her to care for our family."

- Brian & Julie

"I knew nothing about an ILIT before meeting with Lindsey. I was shocked my prior estate planning attorney never mentioned that my life insurance death benefits would be taxable. And I was more than disappointed that my insurance agent never disclosed this.

At our first meeting, Lindsey reviewed my asset portfolio and informed me that my life insurance benefits would be taxable under my old estate plan. Upon Lindsey's advice, I immediately had her draft an ILIT. As a result of just transferring my $750,000 policy to an ILIT, Lindsey saved me more than $375,000 in estate taxes. Needless to say, I was quite pleased."

- Bob S., Highland Park, IL

"Lindsey quickly assessed our estate planning situation and made several recommendations for us to consider. We were extremely comfortable dealing with Lindsey, as we found her to be intelligent, professional and extremely personable. We would highly recommend Lindsey to anyone looking for an attorney."

- Dave and Phyllis, Mokena, Illinois

"Lindsey handled all my estate planning, will, trust, etc. From consultation to final document execution, Lindsey was extremely professional and showed excellent follow up. Her dual MA and Law Degree are impressive but more important are the people skills she possesses when working with clients on such an important matter as estate planning. I sleep much better at night knowing I am covered and most importantly my son's future is in good hands in the event something were to happen to me. Lindsey receives my highest endorsement if any of you are looking for estate planning consultant."

- B.A., Chicago, Illinois

"Lindsey P. Markus helped us complete our estate planning documents and is very thorough, easy to work with and timely. The work that Lindsey did reached a higher standard. We commend her for her work and would be happy to recommend her to our family and friends.

We have such peace of mind now, and we feel grateful to have Lindsey who cares as much as we do about our estate."

- John and Julie S., Frankfort, Illinois